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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 7 10:19:05 MST 2011

On 07/09/11 16:22, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> I'm almost at the point of thinking that Microsoft has lost that 
> battle already.  I see kids of three and four who haven't gone through 
> the education system, but are quite happy playing with iPhones, iPods, 
> and other similar non-Microsoft technology.  (in fact, they seem to 
> find it natural in a way that they don't find the PC - particularly in 
> things like drawing programs, drawing with the finger is picked up 
> like that while Paint with a mouse is slow and cumbersome and doesn't 
> get taken up).-
I agree - but the one that really annoys me, is the local junior schools 
teaching Microsoft Publisher as though it is some kind of standard.  It 
is not even a particularly good DTP.  I'd love to get schools generally 
to replace it with a FOSS application - Scribus perhaps?  My 
granddaughter (aged nearly 4) starts school next September.  Her mum is 
a dedicated Ubuntu supporter, and I'm certain a few things will be said 
at governor's meetings: my daughter is on the board of governors!!

I agree with what you say about the differences between what Windows 
likes and what open source can currently do.  What I find nasty are 
Microsoft's methods when they are clearly aimed at 'locking folk in'.  
In a sense, I don't totally blame them - I was in business for many a 
year, but I never lied about the competition, or gave away stuff to gain 
'lock in'.

Privacy - fine - but Richard has a point about the Windows ability to 
probe whatever it wants on your box without your prior knowledge.  I 
find that just a little obscene.

People don't 'like' Windows - it is what they know!  Inertia is a 
powerful force.  If they experienced a real alternative - and I believe 
Ubuntu (et al) at it's present level is just that - they would soon 
change loyalties.  They are 'locked in' when they have spent a great 
deal of time and money making products on Microsoft Publisher, or buying 
Logos stuff (now there's a non-Christian attitude for you - have you 
ever talked to them?) And what about the closed-standard 'AutoCad'?  
Windows only - really locked in.
> 5. Abusing standards: All right, I don't like this one.  But again, 
> they aren't the first and won't be the last.
I agree - and as a one-time CEO of a small firm, I don't blame them - 
but let's give the best a chance!  Bear in mind that the 'best' could be 
Windows - if there were ever a level playing field.

DRM - if not abused - is at the moment necessary.  I use an Amazon 
Kindle.  Some of the books I have on it are from Amazon and are 'locked' 
by Amazon to me personally.  I'm OK with that.  But Microsoft's DRM 
method is far more insidious than that - it is designed to lock you in 
to Microsoft (and Adobe).  Amazon don't do that!!!

Security wise, I really believe Microsoft's security is a little less 
watertight than the average sieve.  Yes the problems can be overcome - 
but where would be the commercial advantage in Microsoft actually doing 
> Also, given how many people's livelihoods depend on Microsoft Windows 
> to a greater or lesser extent, I would wonder if it is ethical to 
> prevent its usage.  There are many applications which are useful which 
> are Windows only (some may work on Wine, but not all do and even when 
> they do they don't always work to their full potential).  Do we 
> prevent their use because we are boycotting Microsoft?
I agree - which is why I propose gradualism.  First step - encouraging 
use of FOSS applications on Windows.  Especially when they replace 
restrictive stuff.  Second step - promote a FOSS operating system as 
being quite literally - better suited to what the user needs.
> For BPBible, while it is (with difficulty) able to be used on Linux, 
> it is best supported on Windows.  This is mostly for a few reasons:
I no longer develop.  If I did, I would want to develop cross-platform 
(as you do) because as you rightly say, in this part of the world, 
Windows is big.  If Sword fails to be totally cross-platform we have a 
BIG problem.  If I were still doing development, I would have a Windows 
box solely for development and would output Windows binaries.

I am not advocating a total boycott of Windows.  I am advocating raising 
awareness of the ethics (or lack of) that Microsoft seems to have.

God bless,        Barry

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