[sword-devel] Fwd: win ce 6

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Thu Sep 8 05:06:29 MST 2011

I  have  sent  you  privately  version of SwordReader compiled against
Sword  1.6.2 with the fix and wm2003 support. Version from site really
didn't work for me.

> I  second that! It was a nice little app still have an old pocket pc
> running  Win Mo 5 and it is still useful. As I am the last developer
> connected  to  the project, I still try to give what support I can -
> hence the query - but as I no longer run Windows I can't do any work
> on  it.  Also, David Trotz ported it to the very expensive Microsoft
> Studio  IDE  and it could no longer easily be made to build with the
> free 'Embedded C++' IDE which I had carried out previous work on. If
> anyone  wants  to take it up, I can offer a bit of help finding your
> way  around  the  code.  For  everyone's  information the person who
> raised  the  query  has given up and taken his new device back for a
> refund. He says it is ridiculously slow anyhow and he will be buying
> something else. Thanks all of you for offering suggestions here.

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