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Hi Aaron,

On 9/4/2011 10:50 AM, Aaron Christianson wrote:
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>> Hi Aaron,
>> This sounds a lot like what I'm trying to do with my Hebrew Lexicon:
>> https://github.com/openscriptures/HebrewLexicon
>> Here's an example of the way I'm breaking down the information:
>> H1254a. ??????? b?r??, baw-raw'; [heb; v] a primitive root; ???
>> (absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed
>> (as formative processes):---choose, create (creator), cut down,
>> dispatch, do, make (fat).
>> BDB:  + I ??????? shape, create
>> Qal Pf.---shape, fashion, create
>> Niph.---/Pass/. 1. be created 2. with reference to birth 3. of something
>> new, astonishing
>> Pi. 1. cut down 2. cut out
>> TWOT: 278, Page 135, Status: base.
>> At the top is the basic Strong data.  After the BDB is the information
>> from BDB, which is all I really have available.  There is room for other
>> elements, and you could add data to what is already there.  The schema
>> is contained in the download package, and should be easily transformed
>> into whatever format is necessary for a SWORD module.
>> I hope this will give you a better starting point than just the Strong's
>> dictionary.
>> Peace,
>> David
> Thanks David!  This looks very much like what I want to do for the 
> first stage of what I'm thinking about.  Is it alright if I email you 
> directly for further information?
Yes, certainly.
> Aaron
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>> From: Daniel Owens<dhowens at pmbx.net>
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>> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Open Hebrew Lexicon.
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>> Another project that sounds like what you are interested in doing is at
>> http://www.textonline.org/hebrewaramaiclexicon. The project is fairly
>> dormant right now, but in a year or so I hope to pick it up again and
>> run with it. We are working from the lemma isolated by the Groves Center
>> for the Westminster Hebrew Morphology, so when that SWORD module comes
>> out it will mesh well with it. But we did start with Strongs as a
>> beginning point for definitions.
> Daniel,
> This does sound very much like what I am interested in doing, but 
> unfortunately, you seem to be using WeSay, which appears to have some 
> deficiencies in it's Linux versions that will make it unusable for 
> editing a work of this kind (no support for non-latin scripts, and 
> issues copying and pasting non-ascii characters).  I'm afraid that I 
> use Linux exclusively, and my ability to contribute to this project 
> would be severely limited.
I was going to write to Daniel privately, but maybe this is a topic that 
needs to be brought up here.  My concern is the proliferation of 
formats, trying to accomplish the same thing.  With Daniel's LIFT 
dictionary, the SWORD TEI-based lexicon format, whatever you would use 
and my ad hoc schema, all with similar goals, there could be a lot of 
duplication of effort.

I made my schema just to get into the work, and with the intention of 
making it easy to transform to another format, when there was something 
better.  I know that the TEI could handle all the requirements, but it's 
huge and forbidding.  The SWORD format examples I've seen appear dense 
and hard to understand.  I'm not certain if it has all the capabilities 
my lexicon needs.  I was going to ask Daniel if his LIFT dictionary 
could handle it all, and what would be required to transform between the 
two.  Also if his setup could import transformed entries.  Now if WeSay 
is a problem with Linux, is that insurmountable?  Could the LIFT 
dictionary be used in another context?  Or what other format would be 


> Blessings,
> Aaron
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