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> Hi Aaron,
> This sounds a lot like what I'm trying to do with my Hebrew Lexicon:
> https://github.com/openscriptures/HebrewLexicon
> Here's an example of the way I'm breaking down the information:
> H1254a. ??????? b?r??, baw-raw'; [heb; v] a primitive root; ???
> (absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed
> (as formative processes):---choose, create (creator), cut down,
> dispatch, do, make (fat).
> BDB:  + I ??????? shape, create
> Qal Pf.---shape, fashion, create
> Niph.---/Pass/. 1. be created 2. with reference to birth 3. of something
> new, astonishing
> Pi. 1. cut down 2. cut out
> TWOT: 278, Page 135, Status: base.
> At the top is the basic Strong data.  After the BDB is the information
> from BDB, which is all I really have available.  There is room for other
> elements, and you could add data to what is already there.  The schema
> is contained in the download package, and should be easily transformed
> into whatever format is necessary for a SWORD module.
> I hope this will give you a better starting point than just the Strong's
> dictionary.
> Peace,
> David

Thanks David!  This looks very much like what I want to do for the first 
stage of what I'm thinking about.  Is it alright if I email you directly 
for further information?


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> From: Daniel Owens<dhowens at pmbx.net>
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> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Open Hebrew Lexicon.
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> Another project that sounds like what you are interested in doing is at
> http://www.textonline.org/hebrewaramaiclexicon. The project is fairly
> dormant right now, but in a year or so I hope to pick it up again and
> run with it. We are working from the lemma isolated by the Groves Center
> for the Westminster Hebrew Morphology, so when that SWORD module comes
> out it will mesh well with it. But we did start with Strongs as a
> beginning point for definitions.

This does sound very much like what I am interested in doing, but 
unfortunately, you seem to be using WeSay, which appears to have some 
deficiencies in it's Linux versions that will make it unusable for 
editing a work of this kind (no support for non-latin scripts, and 
issues copying and pasting non-ascii characters).  I'm afraid that I use 
Linux exclusively, and my ability to contribute to this project would be 
severely limited.


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