[sword-devel] EMTV text source URL is now unrelated

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Oct 11 14:44:43 MST 2011

On 10/11/11 10:05 AM, troypulk wrote:
> Yes,
> I've fixed the RED letter issue as well.
> I think that sword has the ability to display red letters so we should use
> it, even when the source doesn’t have it.

The red-letter text had to have come from somewhere. I had assumed I was 
the last to convert the EMTV text, using Word docs Paul sent me. I 
certainly know that I didn't hand-encode red-letter text, but I also 
can't find any version of Paul's site that included red-letter text.

I'm not clear on what problems actually exist with the red letters 
(assuming they are Paul's, and not from some intermediary source that 
added them). The problem David points out in Mark 1:11 is an instance of 
words of the Spirit being marked red. That's not necessarily an error at 
all. We shouldn't get caught up on the name that CrossWire has given to 
its filter and we shouldn't be distracted by the most common use of red 
lettering in Bibles being used to mark words of Christ. There are Bibles 
that mark the text of the OT in red whenever God speaks; it may be that 
whoever marked the text of Mark 1:11 red did so intentionally, and has 
marked other instances of the Spirit's speech in red as well. (I don't 
know for sure; I'm simply offering a possibility.)

Either way, I would concur with Greg and David in suggesting that the 
red lettering be removed, IF it didn't come from Paul Esposito.

> Chris,
> I e-mailed and talked to Paul directly and received permission to update and
> resubmit back to sword for redistribution.

Awesome! Thanks!

> Also, I didn't even think of asking Paul for a word doc, what I did was the
> long way as I think about it, I down loaded and saved the online text at
> majoritytext.com to a text file and from there I converted it to osis.xml
> then I purchased the 2011 EMTV version from Paul Esposito's LULU store in a
> PDF format and then used Meld to update the text because the Web version is
> old compared to the 2011 version. I guess that I wanted to support Paul so I
> bought a copy.
> So, I will e-mail Paul again and ask him for the LOGOS Bible in the original
> format that he was using, Also while I'm at it I'll ask him for the 2011
> EMTV NT version so you can have it as a backup, if need be I'll buy another
> copy, their less than $25

Supporting him is one thing. Making extra work for yourself, entirely 
another. :) Converting from PDF or trying to meld a PDF into a text 
basis will always be more work than the worst Word doc conversion.

I hope you spotted that the HTML version lacks italicization entirely. I 
could see that being lost, depending on what you exported from the PDF.

> He told me that he will not be updating the 2011 EMTV for a long time.
> What format would you need for permission? Will my e-mail work or does it
> need to be some kind of official document?

I would send Troy (Griffitts) a copy of the permission email. That 
should suffice.


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