[sword-devel] BREW Development?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Jun 21 08:56:30 MST 2011

> That is in line with my understanding also. However, if the copyright
> holder does not bring the case against Apple, I am doubtful anyone
> else would be able to legitimately bring suit.  So just don't go
> screaming to or at Apple about the GPL nature of the App and you can
> probably slip in under the radar.  It may not be technically compliant
> on Apple's part, but we're the ones who get to make a fuss about it,
> not them.

There is a difference here re Mepis:

All our applications are distributed with source code available.

If we choose any kind of hosting provider to dump the binary on and another hosting provider to share the source code from, it is still us who do the distributing. 

I am sure if you look into the guts of stuff like Rapidshare or whatever else people use to share stuff with, we will find T&Cs which are contrary to the GPL - if the distribution site was the primary distributor. But as it is, PocketSword gets distributed by Nic, via the AppStore and iTunes. And Nic is in compliance because the source code is at Sourceforge or Google or whereever. 

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