[sword-devel] Looking for vpl reference

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Jun 11 00:48:49 MST 2011

Jonathan has given a clear explanation why the imp format is more useful.

Bending the utilities by using old windows utilities on wine on Linux seems to me bizarre and not something I think we should either promote or document on the wiki as a valid way of working.

If there is an issue with vpl2mod (which well may be, given that no one of the CrossWire core module makers will use it with any regularity) then the appropriate way forward is 

a) to document it in the bugs database
b) provide a clean sample text which causes the described behaviour
c) use working alternatives (imp) instead of creating some crutches

Wrt cleaning up of odd texts - It is a good idea to look first into a text with issues and check what weird characters are there in use (prior to claiming that the Sword utilities do not work). I have not infrequently found all kinds of control characters lying around in texts which gave me difficulties. Some editors will show them, others not. 

uni2ascii is a good utility to transform _all_ characters into their hexadecimal representation which then can get easily analysed for presence of weirdness. 


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> FYI:
> I created the RVR2011 module via windows from Angel's file, in the way I
> do it (prepend the verse reference to each line.)  I see no missing space
> characters
>  in BibleTime with the completed module.  It looks complete with the 
> spaces.  I don't read Spanish, but I believe the encoding is the same
> without any changes. 
> That is, the special characters in Gen 1-5 look similar to me in the 
> book reader compared to what I see in jEdit with UTF8 encoding (the coding
> the file came to me.)
> The module he sent me 
> (verse numbers only leading each row) should compile without issue on
> windows. I just have some validation 
> built into my process that I wanted to do. 
> This reproduces what I discovered in 2008: The linux vpl2mod script only
> handles English alphanumeric characters well.. It chokes on quotation marks
> for me.  The windows version is far more robust (no issues with encoding
> or special characters that I know of.) 
> Also, it is important to note that the windows version is now the archaic
> windows version. When planning to use the windows version of VPL2MOD, note
> it needs to run in win 3.11 through windows 98 or a Windows 95 or 98
> compatibility mode in XP. As far as I know, it won't run at all on windows Vista
> (or Windows 7?) 
> If I'm feeling energetic tomorrow, I might try to note this in the wiki
> somewhere. 

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