[sword-devel] Module Display Names

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Jan 19 14:59:31 MST 2011

Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> writes:
> Description is overkill and probably not fit for display in a module
> selection widget - a description for the module would go something
> like:
> "Dr. Doe's classic commentary on the book of Galatians from 1977.
> Widely praised for its scholarliness and ecumenical appeal, Dr. Doe's
> classic continues to have 21st century appeal..."

That's not what Description is for.  That's what About is for.

There are a couple of modules whose Description is overkill, like
bible.org's native NET, whose description is:

"New English Translation with over 60,000 translator, study and text critical notes"

Currently, the worst offender for length is HunUj:

"The New Translation Bible of the Hungarian Bible Society (Magyar Bibliatarsulat Ujforditasu Bibliaja)"

Anyhow, Description is supposed to be for a short descriptive phrase,
not a whole commentary on the nature of the work.  Again, that's About.

But nonetheless these Description fields' contents are used routinely in
selection widgets.  In Xiphos, do a context menu File -> Open Module.
What you see is Description content.

Is this too much?

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