[sword-devel] OSIS links

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:31:10 MST 2011

>> > On 18/01/11 21:24, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> >> Do they work?
>> No. There is no support in the engine.
> There is support in the OSIS html href filters (look under reference in https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk/src/modules/filters/osishtmlhref.cpp)
> Looks like the following would work, where Work is the genbook name, and key is the key (not sure about how well it works with encoding).
> <reference osisRef="Work:Key">A link</reference>
> There is a special Bible: work target; otherwise it generates a sword://Work/Key link which is handled by Xiphos and BPBible at least I think. I don't think self as a work id is supported as such.

Except that genbooks often have spaces in the keys, and this doesn't
work. This was actually discussed quite a bit a few months ago when
Brian was working on some genbooks. I believe the recommendation for
spaces was to use special non-breaking spaces, and these need some
kind of support in the filters. The importers may also be breaking
them, I'm not sure.


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