[sword-devel] CZEKMS ... authoritative version

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 12 03:25:30 MST 2011

> Von: "Matěj Cepl" <mcepl at redhat.com>
> However, many questions remain, so I would like to ask here for a bit of
> help:
>  * First about licence: are there any limitations on which license is
> encouraged to use / allowed (when it is not public domain that is).

Really any license which allows us to distribute is good enough - unless there are seriously onerous conditions on us. We can easily annual incorporate reporting on downloads into our existing scripts which do such for other texts. In some situations we encourage permission for free redistribution (where closed countries might block off our and other Bible related sites) but thsi does not apply so is of no concern. 

>  * Next, about notes ... 

I leave this to someone else.

>  * Is it better for conversion to Sword .mod files to generate one huge
> bible.xml file or separate files for each biblical book?

Both is fine, though we "traditionally" use usually for final import a single file. I tend to create a single file though only once I am satisfied that each book works ok, otherwise most editors balk.

God bless

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