[sword-devel] CrossWire news

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Feb 12 17:56:57 MST 2011

Troy has kindly assisted me with the news management of CrossWire.

I am not yet fully where I want to be, but I can now filter news by
categories and news by classes ("Frontends", "Modules" and "Core")

The result is that the current news page shows only one item per
category. Most of these are now quite old and need some updating.

I am showing 10 items on the page. So by updating your project news,
your new news will go to the top, but the last item of your project will
vanish and you will not drown out the news of others.

Anyone who wants their own category (other frontends) - please tell.

Anyone who wants news in - please tell. Project leads should have access
to the news admin page, but if not, I can sort this.

My next plan is to play in my home area with an alternative
implementation where I will show three columns with each a class of news
only. Once I got this right - it will move in place of the current page.


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