[sword-devel] Managing Bible translation

Mattias Põldaru mahfiaz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 05:55:42 MST 2010

I am thinking of ways to manage Bible translation well in git/bzr/svn or
whatever other VCS or DVCS.

Pros of using (D)VCS:
Diffing possibilities
One central repository
Backtrace of changes
Deeper learning curve

The core document would definitely have to be either OSIS or USFM. 
USFM produces better diff
USFM is simplier to use for computer illiterate
USFM is supported by bibledit
OSIS is technically superior
OSIS is easy to derive other formats from (USFM → OSIS is also
straightforward conversion)
OSIS provides wider set of markup possibilities (most notably STRONG
numbers, if this is needed, USFM is not an option)

To provide better diff, some prettifying scripts could be used (both for
OSIS xml and USFM), to standardize whitespace and linebreaks.

In 2005 it was discussed about OSIS editor, but since this is the only
mark about the subject, I suppose the project never started.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thanks in advance


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