[sword-devel] Typeset Bible directly from OSIS using LaTeX and

Mattias Põldaru mahfiaz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 01:29:01 MST 2010

I played around with LaTeX and XSLT a little, and would like to share it
with you. Just in case somebody is interested. The result is far from
complete and would need a lot of tweaking for final results.

The resulting PDF can be found at: http://drop.io/fdsx4di5562

For your ease of testing, I will simply add all steps here required for
output. I suppose you have latex and all other packages installed.

1. wget http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006/sword/kjvxml.zip
2. unzip kjvxml.zip
3. Save attached files osis2latex.xsl and bible.tex to the directory
4. xsltproc osis2latex.xsl kjv.xml > kjv.tex
5. pdflatex bible.tex
press enter a few times, since the file contains some errors
6. Check out the bible.pdf

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