[sword-devel] [mobile-devel] Bishop (Android C++ SWORD)

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Wed Oct 27 19:27:53 MST 2010

On 10/27/2010 03:34 PM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Thanks Brian,
> I am currently of the persuasion that indexed searching is not the way to go on Android. 4 seconds is quite an acceptable speed to wait for a search and no index creation time or versioning headaches. Searches can also be more easily customised.  For example, full text searches (i.e. unindexed searches) in the engine currently support regex and searching on any entryAttribute created by any filter.
> There are benefits to indexed searching of course, especially when dealing with searches across a large library of books, but for a simple handheld reader of just a few books, I'm still leaning toward favoring unindexed if the results can be returned in under 7 seconds.
> But we support both so it is a matter of use case and preference really.
> For example, in my personal study, I typically only search a single Greek text or English text. I very seldom search a commentary or lexicon.  So I might decide to index my 2 frequently searched modules and be willing to wait 10 seconds to brute force search any of my other 200 modules and not have them indexed.  In reality, on my laptop the speeds to brute force are nearly instant anyway.
> Thanks for the numbers.  Any thoughts?
> Troy
Thanks for the thoughts, Troy,

You say that it supports indexing ... I don't see that.   How do I index
a Bible?  Like you, I'd appreciate the option to index at least the
Bibles that I use all of the time.  Indexing is something that can
ideally be done in the background.  With 8-32GD SD cards, it doesn't
seem like the space is an issue. 

I do agree that regex and more complex searches are really nice, but the
typical search (on one of my "favorite" Bibles) is pretty simple and an
index does make it faster.  However, when I'm using a "non-typical" (for
me) translation or a regex search, I wouldn't blink at 10-15 seconds for
a search.

Also ... now that I look at the "About" page, it says "and other study
helps" ... does that mean General Books?  That would totally rock for me.

Thanks again,

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