[sword-devel] superfluous spaces in Chinese text

Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 05:49:04 MST 2010

+1 for removal of all those extra spaces in the Chinese module text. The
only one that should remain is that immediately preceding the word "God",
when it refers to God (not "god", of course). Usually if I copy text from
Xiphos/Bibletime, I copy it first into gedit, and do a find/replace to
quickly remove all the extra spaces, and then copy/paste into my word

Also of interest is that the characters in the ChiUns are not consistently
simplified characters. There are a few complex characters that remain
randomly interspersed. Also, one very frequent issue is the character for
"have" ("you3") - for some reason the character is always a different one
("mou3"), that should not actually occur, but looks almost identical. I also
have to do a find/replace on any copied text from the module. Anyone have
any idea why these issues?

Matthew Patenaude
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