[sword-devel] Chinese pinyin

Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 05:39:04 MST 2010

To all concerned:

Peter's recent comment about pinyin search being a many-to-one affair is
correct. I don't know how many people who seriously need to use this for
ministry work would be very concerned about searching in pinyin, frankly. As
far as searching goes, most would be more concerned about searching for the
characters themselves. These could be entered into the search box using the
standard pinyin entry method, but what Sword would use in its search should
be the characters themselves.

What most folks would be primarily concerned about, is for their own person
preparation and reading, it would be great for beginners to be able to
select the pinyin to be correctly shown above the whole text in the window
when wanted, and for more advanced learners to be able to say, hover the
mouse over for the pinyin with just those characters which they haven't yet
learned, or are not yet perfectly familiar with. A second thing would
possibly the ability to include the pinyin with copy/paste into message
notes, for use when actually teaching in Chinese.

These things might be difficult to implement... I am just trying to clarify
the usage scenarios that do exist. As for pinyin lookup - I don't know that
it would presently be a need. Strongs numbers keyed to the Chinese text
might be a help...

Thanks for all the hard work.
Matthew Patenaude
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