[sword-devel] Autotools Build

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 13:03:05 MST 2010

Sword keeps stressing me out whenever I try to build with autotools on a new

I did not have ICU installed, because I don't care about its functionality.
Rather than default to not build with ICU or error and tell me I need to
expressly specify --without-icu, configure quietly said it was assuming I
had a version prior to 2.1 and was continuing anyway.  I don't know exactly
when that version came out, but it seems to have been before 2004. Maybe we
shouldn't assume its presence but rather error if icu-config isn't found
and/or default to build without it when it is not found.1.6.2 idea?

My utilities worked with my CMake
build, finding and installing happily to ~/.sword, but the autotools
utilities can't find the modules there. I have seen this behavior before but
can't remember how I have resolved it, short of using the system install

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