[sword-devel] OSIS quote marker attribute type="x-doNotGeneratePunctuation"

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 08:38:21 MST 2010

My earlier conjecture was incorrect. 

The root causes are to do with the WEB module source text, 
for the 680 places which are marked as Words of Jesus.

(a) attribute type="x-doNotGeneratePunctuation"

This is not documented in the OSIS standard and does not do anything useful.
It may be removed entirely.

(b) who="Jesus" 

When used at the start of a quotation marked by <q sID="..." who="Jesus" />, 
the corresponding end of quotation marked by <q eID="..." /> must also
include who="Jesus".
These must be inserted in all 680 places.

(c) A workaround is needed for the curly quotation marks used in the WEB
     but only for the start and end of places marked as Words of Jesus.

(i) At the start of each passage, remove the left curly quotation mark,
    and insert the appropriate attribute
    marker="“" for double quotation mark, or marker="‘" for single quotation

(ii) At the end of each passage, remove the right curly quotation mark,
    and insert the appropriate attribute
    marker="”" for double quotation mark, or marker="’" for single quotation

(d) There were 13 remaining places which were special cases. Variously...
      The end of quotation XML tag needed to be moved back to before the
note tag.
      The end of quotation XML tag needed to be moved back to before the
end-paragraph tag.
      An end quotation mark was missing in a few places.
      A question mark had to be moved in John 7:36.
    These special cases were few enough to be corrected manually.

I have performed all these corrections on the exported file WEB.raw.imp.txt 
and remade the module using mod2vs - checking that it works with Xiphos for

I have demonstrated that the WEB module can be rectified by suitable changes
to the OSIS markup.

The biggest surprise was the discovery in point (b) above, astounding
because it is not documented.
This requires further attention in the CrossWire wiki. 

The question now is how to proceed for a properly engineered repeatable
solution ?

I am assuming that the WEB module was made from the file webosis.xml
downloaded from ebible.org/web

Michael Johnson is moving towards maintaining all his Bible translations
with USFM format as the master copy.  (email to me a few days ago).

I would therefore recommend that CrossWire uses his USFM downloads,
and that we convert these to OSIS ourselves as a step towards module making.

If we find that we need some further tweaks to usfm2osis.pl then so be it.

Best regards,

David Haslam
Go Bible project leader
CrossWire Bible Society

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