[sword-devel] Markup Options

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Nov 30 09:43:40 MST 2010

Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> writes:
> 2) I can provide an external CSS stylesheet along with my module.
> Then I could still use OSIS and, assuming well-defined use of HTML+CSS
> classes being produced from OSIS by the engine, I could style the
> module the way I desired.  This would not require terribly much work
> to be done on the OSISHTMLHREF filter, but both Jaak and Karl when I
> spoke with them were unwilling to allow inclusion of an external CSS
> file in a module.  Why? I may have misunderstood but it seemed they
> were both of the opinion that presentation and appearance is of
> paramount importance, and they want to control the presentation of
> material in the applications.

I don't specifically recall such a conversation, but I think you
misunderstood whatever I may have said.  My perspective on CSS is that
Xiphos cannot create a dependency on such a thing until we extricate
ourselves from gtkhtml3, once and for all.

Once we can be certain of always being able to link against a CSS-aware
environment (xulrunner is there, of course, but we need WebKit for the
sake of Win32), I don't think I'll even have a strong opinion, one way
or the other, on whether a module should provide its own CSS.

How to integrate it into display is another matter.  Standard filename
within the subdir space of the content?  Probably, but not necessarily.
And that would apply only to full-page (full chapter) displays; how to
use such a stylesheet for single-verse search results, for example?

The bigger problem with the idea of CSS is that its use will totally and
finally leave behind all UIs which do not target HTML as their output
methodology.  I.e. BibleCS has no hope.  I'm not sure which other UIs
depend on something other than HTML.

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