[sword-devel] Config file for thml module

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Fri Nov 26 16:51:51 MST 2010

Hi mmfmarin,

If I understand correctly from the fact that you're using xml2gbs,
you're working on a ThML Genbook, right? (As opposed to a Bible,
Commentary, or Dictionary)

I'd suggest you start by looking in two places.  Firstly, look at the
conf file for another ThML Genbook.  I would suggest "SacredMeditations"
from the Xiphos repo as a pretty clean example from which to start.

Secondly, check out the wiki:

Now to your most specific questions, CompressType and BlockType don't
exist for Genbooks (which can't be compressed), (which is kind of odd
since many of our really big modules are genbooks)

Hope this helps.

In Christ,

On 11/26/2010 04:24 PM, mmfmarin at gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks for this great software.
> I have an old thml file and I want to create a module to open it in
> xiphos. The command I ran for this was:
> xml2gbs -fT ~/path/to/file.thml modulename
> The module seems OK, I get the following files:
> modulename.bdt  modulename.dat  modulename.idx
> I don't know the properties of the outputo module, and xml2gbs man or
> --help does not provide information about it. Therefore, I don't know
> what values should I put it the modulename.conf file, I mean:
> ModDrv?
> CompressType?
> BlockType?
> The module I created is recognized by xiphos, but I shows nothing. It
> would be much easier to convert my old thml file to osis format, is
> there anything like thml2osis?
> Thanks in advanced.
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