[sword-devel] RSS feeds and news page

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Nov 11 00:10:21 MST 2010

Hi Guys,

I am busy creating some protoype for an automatically updating
CrossWire news page. This is so far my private work, but if it finds
reasonable consensus it might go into the update of the site.

You can see what is happening here


(This will change as I keep working on it)

I think the general agreement is that our "news"
section is commonly old news, and a lot of stuff which happens is
nowhere to see for the general public.

My thought was :

If all frontends would have an RSS feed for their releases and other
important news then the News page's work could be simply to aggregate

CrossWire itself is already riddled with RSS feeds which often do
update quite well. Several frontends do have very useful feeds, but
some don't.

I think it should be simple to have a small perl script or similar
hanging out on your servers and produce this. This would take out the
pain of updating news in a variety of places.

Those of you who use the CrossWire news facility - ignore me, unless
you like the idea of an RSS feed for your own reasons. But if you do
establish RSS feeds, please tell me.



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