[sword-devel] CrossWire on Identi.ca (was Facebook)

David (Mailing List Addy) davidslists at gmx.net
Tue Nov 9 05:13:29 MST 2010

On Friday, October 22, 2010 10:41:22 pm Chris Little wrote:
> I don't really see the point of identi.ca. It seems like Twitter, but 
> with fewer people and a bunch of unnecessary complication/clutter.

We have fewer people than logos, and some could argue unnecessary 
complication/clutter (though I don't see the clutter as I can use 
identi.ca with my mobile browser just fine without it being converted 
AFAIK). So I don't see how that's relevant. ;) But anyway, the point of 
identi.ca specifically is a public server running status net so everyone 
doesn't have to run their own, and to show off the whatever version of 
StatusNet (since the StatusNet company markets it to enterprises) 
without users having to create their own StatusNet communities on 
their free cloud-hosted service. And so people who use StatusNet have 
a common portal that is easy to subscribe to people too without having 
to know what server someone is on (more on that below)

The pint of StatusNet is to have a free micro-blogging service for any 
and all to use. For instance, Mozilla has their own community place 
setup via StatusNet. And i can, if I desired (though I don't ;D ) follow the 
@firefoxmilestone feed from the one on identi.ca or the one on Mozilla's 
site all from my identi.ca account,

And what's more if say CrossWire were to setup their own StatusNet 
install either on CrossWire servers or elsewhere people on identi.ca or 
280.status.net or unlimited.status.net or wherever could subscribe to 
the posts without having to register for our site. (StatusNet hosts a 
number of other identi.ca based sites with different limits on character 
counts since it's configurable)

> That said, since TwitterFeed supports StatusNet, I made an account 
> will output the same content as our twitter feed:
> http://identi.ca/theswordproject/

You can also set identi.ca to post to your twitter and Facebook 
accounts. I've got mine to do that (except I don't show posts with @'s in 
them on Facebook as they usually wouldn't make sense to my Facebook 
people) and StatusNet supports pulling in posts from a connected 
twitter account, though this is turned off on identi.ca because of traffic 

Either way though, I subscribed to the identi.ca feed you mentioned 
and no posts have gone through to it. I just did a search in Choqok for 
theswordproject and only got my post from months ago (161 days) 
commenting that there should be sword and Xiphos identi.ca accounts, 
I further searched for posts from @theswordproject and got no results.

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