[sword-devel] CrossWire lacks a Content Management System

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Nov 8 16:38:31 MST 2010

DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:
> We still have duplication. I think we should remove the duplicates,
> retaining the copy in the wiki. Also, the wiki needs to be more
> prominent for developers to find.


> Regarding the FAQ. It was felt that the FAQ would be maintained on
> the wiki with a static copy in the front pages of the website.

A more automatic way of updating would be useful

> Regarding the home page, I like it. Thanks Peter! The only suggestion
> that I'd make is that the top links should only go to pages that have
> the same navigation and look and feel. This is true for all but "The
> SWORD Project". Clicking on it appears to be an abrupt change and no
> real way to navigate back. And for the most part it is a duplicate of
> the News link on the home page.

That is because i abandoned at the time the rewrite of the /sword
pages. The flak became too much and I acted nastily too. The pages I
wrote are still here 


You will see that the attempt was to 

a) maintain a very similar but distinctive look and feel
b) provide clear links to stuff of relevance for (potential) developers

I would be willing to do two things:

1) finish and integrate the "newpage" attempt instead of the
current /sword pages. I think there were issues in my module pages, but
TBH my programming skills then were miserable. I think I could do a
better job now.


2) go and look at various integrating project management softwares and
report what I find. 

Stuff like Launchpad is certainly tempting +++ (particularly also with
its huge desktop tools integration, but it requires Ubuntu as base so
that is out of question (They say you are alone if you want to try
something different)

But - I am not willing to be ever part (and contributor) again of such a
flamefest as we had nor do I ever want to leave ruins behind again. So
we really need consensus at least at the core developers/contributors


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