[sword-devel] Publishing User Content

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Nov 5 09:15:39 MST 2010

"Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> writes:
> I don't consider End Users Publishing and Publishing End Users the
> same thing :)

Well...  I suppose I consider them alternate cases of the same
underlying technical capability: "I've got content that you can get."

> I believe your idea was for allowing users to publish their authored
> content to a publicly recognized location for discovery by other
> users.  I don't think I ever voiced disapproval to that idea.  I just
> didn't want to host (police) their content :)

Users' self-authored content was a specific application, because we've
had users asking about that since before I became involved with then-
GnomeSword.  People want to write commentaries (of a sort), Bible study
outlines, prayer journals, and other such stuff, and want to share it.
Analogize to bible.org's efforts at distributing lots of theologically-
useful content.  The general problem is, of course, getting _any_
user-held content, however obtained or created, into an accessible place
and format for others to retrieve.

As DM has just mentioned, and as I was wondering obliquely in that note
from 3 yrs ago, the biggest hassle is how to prevent restricted content
from going viral.  But in general, there is the more precise question,
"How do I make *only these N modules* (out of my entire library)
available?", because the user may not want (e.g.) his personal journals
to become part of the set made available.  "Restricted content" can take
many forms: If someone has been keeping a prayer log about family
problems, he needs assurance that his _/entire/_ module set is not exposed.

The particular problem for how to store and use crypt keys outside of
their ("natural"?) xyz.conf will need to be addressed.  Xiphos stores
them that way, and I thought most apps did so, but I suppose we should
see what code from BibleTime we could borrow so that keys don't need to
remain stored that way.

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