[sword-devel] Multi-xref sets

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu May 20 06:11:25 MST 2010

On May 20, 2010, at 8:25 AM, Chris Little wrote:

> DM Smith wrote:
>> Regarding <list type="x-reference>, would you also suggest <item type="x-reference"><reference osisRef="xxx">xxx</reference></item> (w/o looking at the OSIS spec to see what the tag is for an item)? That would be a bit busy.
> I was thinking of <list><reference>...</reference></list>, but it occurs to me that's simply not valid.

Besides the validity, my other concern is that JSword and Bible Desktop already assume that lists and their items are block elements. That is each list starts on the next line and that items are stacked in that container.

>> I'd suggest <note type="x-inline"> or some such that takes advantage of what processing is already present.
> I'd like to amend my original suggestion to simply:
> <seg type="x-reference"> (or x-refList maybe?)

Yes that would work. For JS/BD it would be a trivial change.

I'd like to also suggest that we honor the "n" attribute on the container as the link text for the entire group, e.g. n="see all". (Actually, I'd like to see it in all the SWORD filters.)

> I'm wary of reusing <note> here, since I believe what Karl is talking about are works where the references are in the body of the text, rather than notes.

That's why I suggested x-inline. That the note is to be displayed inline. Using note is a bit more work than seg for JS/BD and I suspect for the note filters in SWORD too.

> --Chris
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