[sword-devel] Portuguese translation - request for help

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue May 18 00:50:49 MST 2010

Dear all,

We have been granted permission for a Portuguese modern translation. The
reason that it is not in the repos is entirely my fault as I am
currently extremely slow in all CrossWire work.

The problem with the text is as follows:

I have two texts to work with:

a) a totally unstyled and rather horrendous MS Word 95 document
b) a reasonably clean and highly styled PDF.

Former I have given up upon. It is simply not possible with any
contortions to make it work.

Latter is much better. It is the produce of a publishing house who have
gone through (a), styled it properly and produced the PDF in final
outcome. The intermediate step - which would likely be the best text to
work with is not available.

So I have taken the PDF and run it through pdf2xml and got something I
think I can work with.

The xml documents are structured with pages as the main structural
element, which in turn are the only way of relating reliably the (ample)
foot notes) to chunks of text.

If I would filter the footnotes out, I would probably have a decent text
fairly fast. But that would be a waste

So, are there any more experienced volunteers who could help me?

Many thanks!


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