[sword-devel] bug: InstallMgr habit -vs- repo refresh (Re: Bela module in CrossWire Experimental)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Feb 25 10:41:20 MST 2010

David Haslam <d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk> writes:
> It was that it downloaded v 1.0 of the module again, because I hadn't
> clicked Refresh.

I have an interesting observation about this, a conflict to report
that's probably (in some sense) a bug.

First, an axiom: It is not possible for there to exist 2 instances of a
module in a repository, separated only by a version stamp.  If 1.0.1
exists, then 1.0 does not.  The version stamp is defined by the .conf.

In the absence of refreshing the application's sense of the repo state,
the application thinks that 1.0 is available.  If you then re-download
the already-installed module, what will happen is that you will get the
new 1.0.1 content, *BUT* the unrefreshed InstallMgr understanding of the
repo has the 1.0 configuration file.

The result: You have the 1.0 config with 1.0.1 content.  The process of
installing the module does not retrieve the configuration file, in the
repo's mods.d/; it gets only the content from under modules/.  The
newly-installed configuration comes from the local (out-of-date)
understanding of InstallMgr, and replaces what was previously installed,
which means that the out-of-date configuration is re-copied into your
mods.d/, redundantly.

Interesting conflict.  Is it a bug?  I'm not really sure.  It's not
clear that there is a solution, unless InstallMgr can be changed so that
it brings down the .conf as well as the content when the module is

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