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Wed Feb 17 09:09:36 MST 2010

I'm a moron.  My apologies s/Crossway/Bible.org/

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Dear Todd,
> It's good to hear from you.  I'm forwarding your email on to our 
> developers' forum to make others aware of the issue.  Nic Carter has 
> taken the lead on the PocketSword effort, with the original work done by 
> Ian Wagner.  From your email, these are the questions I'd like us to 
> answer.
> 1) PocketSword, being a SWORD frontend, already has the ability to 
> decipher your encrypted modules for which Crossway sells unlock codes. 
> Does PocketSword expose the ability for the user to enter a decipher code?
> 2) Does PocketSword display the About and Unlock information, which 
> should include a link to your site where the unlock code can be 
> purchased and obtained?
> 3) Might it be possible to detect the UserAgent from the iPhone browser, 
> such that if/when PocketSword does display the unlock information to the 
> user and they click to go to your unlock webpage, that you can display a 
> unique page tuned for iPhone users?
> 4) Should we be more explicit somewhere about which versions of which 
> NET modules go together and the differences between them?  Where is the 
> best place for information?
> Responses should be sent Reply All, as Todd and David are not (to my 
> knowledge) subscribed to our developers' forum.  I'll push through any 
> replies from them.
> Troy
> Todd Lingren wrote:
>> Hey Troy it was good meeting you at ETS.
>> Dave Austin sent me the link to the new Cross PocketSword app on the
>> iPhone/iPod touch (I'm using the latter).
>> First things first,
>> I like the interface and all the sword references built in for
>> download. It's well done.
>> Secondly, I see that the NET is in there twice, one "limited notes"
>> and one "text-free". I'm a little confused what the difference is. I
>> don't see the fn markers on either one. is there supposed to be a
>> footnote marker and footnotes? I found under commentaries the "net
>> free notes" resource. There probably needs to be some sort of
>> warning/notice when someone downloads the limited text or limited
>> notes, that they need to download the other item.
>> Regarding a premium, full notes version, is there planned to be an
>> in-app purchase feature so someone can purchase the full notes? Or, if
>> not, is there a way we could share/sell links to someone to offer it?
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>> From: David Austin (bghp) <daustin at bible.org>
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>> Subject: PocketSword: an iPhone Bible Study app
>> To: Todd Lingren <todd at bible.org>
>> Cc: Brian Seagraves <bseagraves at bible.org>, Hampton Keathley
>> <hampton at bible.org>, Mark Austin <MA2552 at att.com>, Joe Head
>> <joehead at gmail.com>
>> http://crosswire.org/pocketsword/PocketSword/PocketSword/PocketSword.html
>> todd can you test this and see if it gets both the free and premium 
>> netbible?
>> if not email troy griffitts <troy at crosswire.org>
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