[sword-devel] Parsing Devanagari digits in Cross References

Robert Hunt hunt.robertj at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 13:26:44 MST 2010

I tried running it a few months back, but discovered that the 
downloadable version (labelled V3.0.9 but SFMToOSIS.py was 2.0.7 inside) 
had a number of bugs that made it inoperable. I fixed some of the worst 
ones, and submitted my fixes back to Snowfall but I'm not sure if they 
updated their downloadable version (in fact I can't even see a file to 
download on that page now).


On 17/12/10 04:03, David Haslam wrote:
> btw. Has anyone in CrossWire used the Snowfall Software
> http://www.virtualstorehouse.org/index.php/scripture-preservation-tool.html
> Scripture Preservation Tool  recently?
> David

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