[sword-devel] How to log out Strongs modules for development

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Dec 13 15:06:04 MST 2010

On 13/12/10 16:13, David Haslam wrote:

> If you wish to obtain the OSIS source text for a module, then you'd need to
> contact the relevant CrossWire volunteer.

The Strong modules are created using TEI not OSIS.

I am not sure (though Chris Little will know) if this :


and our source is the same, but I would think nevertheless this is a
quality source for TEI encoded Strongs.

Another, interesting (though I think, quite sleepy) project is here:


Unfortunate the site appears to be in difficulties. The site uses a
variant of SFM to encode which should be easily translatable into TEI on


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