[sword-devel] Looking for help/direction with Scriptural Archiving Study Project

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Dec 6 09:29:40 MST 2010

If you look into the archives you will see that Troy called for volunteers to do just that. There is an application and a group fo volunteers dealing with exactly this on the CrossWire community site

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> Betreff: [sword-devel] Looking for help/direction with Scriptural Archiving	Study Project

> I will try to keep this brief, I've been a member of this mailing  
> list for years, and i'm really wanting to start working on a project  
> that has been sitting in the back of my mind for quite a while.  
> However, the programming is a little beyond my scope. I'm writing  
> here to see if anyone would be interested in working on-or even  
> simply discussing at greater detail- this project. It is basically an  
> online system for the archiving and collaborative annotation and  
> translation of high resolution digital images of original Scriptural  
> Manuscripts, for the purpose of cross referencing different text  
> types and collections. A brief overview, along with basic UI mockups  
> can be seen here http://churchco.de/developing-a-platform-for- 
> managing-editing-scriptural-documents/
> I have shown this to many different people, including Bob Pritchett  
> ceo at Logos Software. They all seem very interested, yet none have  
> any resources to dedicate to the task at this time. So, now i am  
> really trying to reach out to the open source community and see if  
> anyone would be interested in helping with this in any way. Even just  
> speaking with someone who has more experience programming in order to  
> identify possible barriers, and discuss ways around them, would be  
> incredibly useful. Thank you to anyone for your help and interest.
> Grace and Peace
> Jonathan Batteas
> http://pasceverbo.com
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