[sword-devel] Looking for help/direction with Scriptural Archiving Study Project

jonathan batteas jonathanbatteas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 08:35:28 MST 2010

I will try to keep this brief, I've been a member of this mailing  
list for years, and i'm really wanting to start working on a project  
that has been sitting in the back of my mind for quite a while.  
However, the programming is a little beyond my scope. I'm writing  
here to see if anyone would be interested in working on-or even  
simply discussing at greater detail- this project. It is basically an  
online system for the archiving and collaborative annotation and  
translation of high resolution digital images of original Scriptural  
Manuscripts, for the purpose of cross referencing different text  
types and collections. A brief overview, along with basic UI mockups  
can be seen here http://churchco.de/developing-a-platform-for- 

I have shown this to many different people, including Bob Pritchett  
ceo at Logos Software. They all seem very interested, yet none have  
any resources to dedicate to the task at this time. So, now i am  
really trying to reach out to the open source community and see if  
anyone would be interested in helping with this in any way. Even just  
speaking with someone who has more experience programming in order to  
identify possible barriers, and discuss ways around them, would be  
incredibly useful. Thank you to anyone for your help and interest.
Grace and Peace
Jonathan Batteas

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