[sword-devel] Linked in audio files

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Aug 24 07:27:26 MST 2010

A thread a few days ago we talked about linking to audio files.

The suggestion made was to use start and end times for each verse, add this information into the module and let the application advise an associated media player to play verses or passages.

I also understand that at least Nic from PocketSword is interested in running with this.

I have now received a sample chapter and the required verse by verse start and end times.

I understand that a low quality sampling would make a whole Bible weigh in at about 200mb, which is probably acceptable, even if we might not want to distribute it from CrossWire's server at that amount. As a comparison the largest image module from Karl's repo is IIRC about 70mb.

I am also advised that a complete Bible could readily be made available for just that. Prior to me telling the folks to go ahead with producing endless lists of verse start and end times I think we need to get some consensus which could carry through various frontends coming on board at their own time now or far in the future.

I have not found any appropriate separate tags for this and think that teh best place to encode this is probably in the verse tags themselves as an x-attribute. 

The main immediate concern I would have, would such x-attributes survive engine filtering or would we require a new release of the engine with adapted filters to allow for such? 

Any opinions on this? Any better suggestions? I really would like to go ahead and encode such a module, even on an experimental base.  


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