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Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 06:59:16 MST 2010

Audio bibles are generally <1Gb, which may prevent collecting all known versions into a portable media device, but the size does not prevent keeping a Bible in an Iphone or pretty much any player you pay more than 10 bucks for.  I've been loading whole audio bibles into my phones for about 3-4 years now. (well I loaded an audio bible as MP3 into a microSD chip that gets inserted into phones as I have the need,) Putting a software front end on this would be an outstanding achievement.
The version I currently use (because it is much more listenable than any version I've come across so far) is the Twentieth Century New Testament read by J.A. Carter. 
For this feature to provide much if any additional usability over simple MP3 files in a list, It needs to be able to pick specific verses/ verse ranges (not just chapters.) I'm very capable and willing to produce the individual verses from larger files into any format needed. but programming in a time code for each verse would more likely be the appropriate way to skin this apple. That is, the OSIS code for an audio verse should have a filename component, a 'verse start MM:SS.TTT (minutes, seconds, milliseconds)  argument, and a verse end argument.  
If defining timecodes inside large mp3 files is too cumbersome, I'm willing to separate the files of a version into verses. I've done initial work for separating the files above into verses. (However, I stopped, because the value of verse separated files is limited without advanced player controls to take advantage of them.) With proper setup, I feel that trimming verses out of the works above for a new testament would take me about a week per gospel sized book. (so about 10 weeks for the NT, and about 3 months for a Bible). 
However, I can only work on English texts, because verse separation clearly requires native language ability. 

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I see the problem with module size. What codecs for speech/sound are available on iphone? Presumably the module size could be reduced by having the lowest quality lossy format as long as it still sounds ok.

> Von: Nic Carter <niccarter at mac.com

>  Altho, it could stream the audio? 

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