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Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Aug 16 08:19:07 MST 2010

> Von: Trevor Jenkins <trevor.jenkins at suneidesis.com>

> > Costas Stergiu of "The Word" has kindly provided a list of about 20.000
> > crossreferences stripped out of a 16th or 17th century Statenvertelling.

> What criteria were used by the Statenvertelling team     > when compiling their cross-references? 

The Statenvertelling is essentially come about simiular to the KJV - a state commissioned translation out of the original texts. The cross references were published with it. What criteria were used - I do not know. But that is probably lost in the fog of the centuries past anyway.  

As such the Statenvertelling team of scholars had very clear guidance and has subsequently lasted a long time. The guidance included direct translation from known best texts (for the time), as literal as possible and with clear indication of all translation adaptions. 

> The Trinitarian Bible Society has a very definite bias
> in its noption of what constitute "accuracy".

Irrespective of what you might think of the TBS' bias, the point of the checking my friend conducted was simply "Does the link make sense". And as all links checked made sense, rather than being obviously bizarre he decided to use the list for his own purposes (and kindly pass it on to me) 

So, fwiw, I would think this is a list based on Greek/Hebrew parallels, produced about 400 years ago, transcribed for a different piece of software, but checked by someone I trust for obvious bizarreness, using extensive but essentially random checks (who will check 20.000 crossreferences?).

Whether this is good enough for you, I do not know. It is certainly better than anything we have right now, apart from the TSK which is much harder to internationalise.

> There are cross reference lists produced by SIL/Wycliffe and UBS that are
> based on sound linguistic theory. However, they might not be in public
> domain. Of the two list I'd go with the SIL/Wycliffe/UBS one any day.

If you can get hold of them for us for actual use, this would obviously be very useful. Until then....

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