[sword-devel] Front end compatibility to aV11N (all frontends please)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Aug 11 01:26:42 MST 2010

OK, thanks.

The reason I asked for this info is a conversation Chris and I had a few
days ago about the repos.

We thought, that if now a decent number of frontends support aV11N then
really our Bibles should be published in this way - rather than in the
often broken KJV fashion. Particularly we should not anymore publish new
Bibles in unsuitable formats.

But we also thought of introducing a "old" repository where we keep a
KJV style copy around of those bibles we replaced in main.

This would allow a more seamless move. Frontends with full aV11N support
might simply decide to hide the "old" repo. And frontends not
keen/unable to go this direction will not have an ever diminishing
amount of modules (even if they do not get access to the newest and

We have not fully thought things through and certainly not started any
work on that either, so suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome.


On 10/08/10 17:54, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Would it be possible to get some short feedback which frontends are
> capable of what aV11N wise?
> Also if support is not completed, does a schedule exist when support
> will be there?
> Many thanks
> Peter
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