[sword-devel] Stating work with filters - I have a question

Mabio Coelho mabio at linkpower.com.br
Tue Aug 10 16:48:08 MST 2010

Prior to start coding the filters, I review my installation and tested
everything all over again.  I notice that swordweb removes the accents
from my search.  For example, if I put "Arão" on the search field, it
finds 0 text for the word "Arao" (it not show any diacritics).  However,
if I cut & paste the word that seems to be Arao (no accents) on the
resulting webpage, I get "Arao" (i.e. "Ara^Zo", or Ara+Ctrl-z+o).

It probably has something to do with encoding.  Any clues?

Mábio Coelho
Technical Director
+55 (19) 9601-5135
+55 (19) 8123-4583

Em Sex, 2010-08-06 às 17:06 -0300, Mabio Coelho escreveu:
> Troy,
> I'll start the work on the filter this weekend.  In this meanwhile, I
> did a complete translation to Portuguese form swordweb (the only thing
> missing is parts of the FAQ question, because in my site a completely
> removed it).  The one that came from subversion is not complete and the
> interface has lots of words or phrases in English.
> I also tried the translation tool and give up, because, every time  I
> went there, it messed up what was already done  (and that is why it
> might have some extra garbage in there).  The only string that is not a
> perfect translation is the string -1439463711, which I changed to best
> describe my site.  The one which came from svn was better.
> Regards,

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