[sword-devel] Guidance needed...

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Mon Aug 9 01:56:32 MST 2010

Hi, Pypsik.

You  need  to  convert  RST  to osis using mod2osis and work over osis
format. For a half of year ago i done such work and it was ok.

All data such as Strong markup will be converted during mod2osis.

RST  contains  many  errors with skipped spaces ("... И сталсвет." Gen
1:3).  If you will work over it, i would try to fix this issue in your
osis file or help you to fix it using scripts.

Also,  if  you  do  not  know, there is RusSynodal module in Crosswire
Expiremental  Repo,  RST  is  not Synodal translation and differs from
synodal in hundreds places.

I will be glad to answer any particular question about russian modules
and modules making (if you like in russian).

> I'd like to add Red Letter support to the RST module.
> This module is currently in GBF.
> On the Wiki it says, GBF has been depricated, and no modules
> submitted in GBF will be accepted.
> That non-acceptance refers to any new modules submitted, or any
> subsequent versions of an existing module in GBF format?
> If existing, updated module in GBF not accepted, are there utils to
> convert from GBF to OSIS? I didn't see any description for any utils that could do the switch.
> Do I just run the GBF module thru mod2osis? I thought it gave me
> some errors? If that mod2osis util can be used, I'll investigate the
> errors further, but wanted to check which proper route to take.
> Also, any Strong markups, etc, do they need to be converted to an
> OSIS tags..or is that done automatically? (assuming mod2osis is the proper util to run through).
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you and God Bless. 
> Pypsik


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