[sword-devel] build step OOM

Yiguang Hu yighu at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 06:09:23 MST 2010

Thanks. I got jsword compiled using the -pl option. But I run into OOM while compiling step. I am on a fairly good computer MacPro 4GB memory. So it surprized me for this problem.what is the right memory option for compile step in your experience?


Hi Yiguang

I believe you don't need the aqua part. As long as jsword-common and jsword
build you would be fine. There are currently a few issues with the JSword
POMs which I believe DM and Trent are looking at...

Hopefully you can do something like

mvn clean install -pl common
mvn clean install -pl jsword

I'll try and check out the latest JSword POMs tonight and see what I get on
my end.

DM, it would be nice if projects relying on JSword don't need to build it,
and could download snapshots from a Nexus repository. This would mean that
instead of having to check out and build JSword and TyndaleSTEP, we would be
able to simply reference the dependency and the repository. Is that
something we would envisage doing? Happy to help set up the repository.


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