[sword-devel] Re ndering of Hebrew/Greek Text

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Sep 11 01:23:42 MST 2009

Dear Stephen,

Our default strongs lexica do not include the Hebrew and Greek
characters.  I believe we have a new one in beta which does include
them, and I'm almost certain Karl has one in the xiphos.org repo.  I
faintly remember something like 'realgreek' and 'realhebrew' for
names...  Hope this helps.


msdotnet wrote:
> Hi,
> Apologies is this is a dumb question. I'm working with the SwordReader
> program to get some ideas on how to hook SWORD up to .NET. However, I can't
> quite seem to work out how to display the actual Hebrew or Greek characters
> for a Strongs Reference. From what I can tell the SWORD engine is capable of
> supplying the Unicode characters required.
> I've looked through the API Primer and SWFilter/SWMgr source code but can't
> seem to crack it. Is it a matter of adding an Encoding or Rendering Filter
> to the SWMgr object? Any sample source code would be much appreciated
> (regardless of language just to illustrate which objects/methods/properties
> to manipulate).
> Many Thanks in Advance.

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