[sword-devel] Beta testing - frontend questions

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Sep 6 00:51:37 MST 2009

I guess it is really time again to do a concentrated bout of beta
testing and empty out beta.

Last time we tested against

GS (now Xiphos)

BibleTime, traditionally one of the main test candidates was at that
time in heavy transition and was not used for testing. I have not
followed BT development in detail though you have obviously gone through
and beyond the 2.0 release. So I guess we should again include BT?

Further, is any of the frontends at the stage that av11n is fully
supported? How are those that use 1.6, but do not support av11n behave
with modules which need it?

Should we include any other frontends at this stage into betatesting?



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