[sword-devel] Bible-Discovery - non-free program using SWORD modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 2 20:32:41 MST 2009

Sorry for the delay in responding. I hadn't noticed your reply.

jonathon wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 04:04, Chris Little wrote:
>> from The SWORD Project, but none more completely obviously than the Robinson morphology codes module.
> The one obtainable from e-Sword.net was created from scratch.
> The other  one is in Spanish.  (I don't currently have it installed.
> However, I'm fairly confident that the group that created it, did
> credit their source.)

Okay, that's just an outright lie. I don't know whether it's your lie or 
you've been lied to, but it's a lie nonetheless.

I went to the effort of downloading e-Sword and checking the e-Sword 
RMAC module. (By the way, that title "Robinson's Morphological Analysis 
Codes" also originates with me and the Sword module I created.)

The e-Sword module inexplicably contains precisely the same errors that 
Teus pointed out earlier today. These were caused by a bug in my Perl 
script back in 2002. It's REALLY odd that an e-Sword module would 
contain bugs generated by my script if it were created from scratch. I 
don't question that e-Sword's module has been modified from our 
original, but it's likewise obvious that CrossWire's work served as the 
uncredited basis.

In similar fashion, you'll find a number of unusual cuts in e-Sword's 
ISBE module. Those are the result of Sword's old 64k per dictionary 
entry limit. I had to split a number of entries into two or more parts. 
e-Sword still has those splits. (We've since fixed it in Sword's module, 
and re-merged those split entries.)

I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

>>  All  copies of the Robinson database derive from CrossWire's module. I know this because I created it out of whole cloth (plus a dash of Perl).
> Unless you  claiming that you created the  database that  Robinson
> distributes, which claims to be public domain,  and lacks any
> attribution to The Cross Bible Society, then not all copies of
> Robinson's database were created by you.

You don't seem to know what you're talking about. Robinson distributes a 
number of texts (Greek Bibles), some with morphological coding, and he 
distributes a code manual (this: 
http://www.byztxt.com/download/PARSINGS.TXT), on which basis "Robinson's 
Morphological Analysis Codes" was created. He doesn't distribute a 
separate explication of all the codes, which is what we're talking about 
here. The first complete explication of this sort was produced by me in 
2002, following my earlier, similar complete explication of Packard 
codes in 2001.

Still waiting on that apology, Jonathan.


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