[sword-devel] Robinson module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Sep 2 15:18:26 MST 2009

Teus Benschop wrote:
> Greetings,
> Trying to check on the Robinson module, whether it parses all available
> morphological parsings available in the NT of the King James Bible, my
> eye fell on the following:
> $$$ADV
> ADVerb or adverb and particle combined<br />
> $$$ADV-C
> Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Contracted form<br />
> $$$ADV-I
> Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Interrogative<br />
> $$$ADV-S
> Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Degree: Superlative<br />
> It would appear that the "ADV" has correctly been parsed as an adverb,
> but what about the "ADV-C", the "ADV-I", and the "ADV-S". Would these
> not be "adverb comparative", "adverb interrogative", and "adverb
> superlative"?
> There may be more cases like this since the key at http://www.byztxt.com
> is not complete.
> Teus.

I have a more recent & complete version of this database, if you're 
interested. It corrects this error and includes every possible code.

The result is a 13mb file (though it compresses to about 0.5mb), with 
many entries for codes that would never be used.

If I can achieve similar compression in a module, I will release it as 
so. Otherwise, I will include entries for only those codes that I can 
find in released documents.


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