[sword-devel] Robinson module

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 08:48:25 MST 2009


Trying to check on the Robinson module, whether it parses all available
morphological parsings available in the NT of the King James Bible, my
eye fell on the following:

ADVerb or adverb and particle combined<br />
Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Contracted form<br />
Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Interrogative<br />
Part of Speech: Case: Accusative<br />Degree: Superlative<br />

It would appear that the "ADV" has correctly been parsed as an adverb,
but what about the "ADV-C", the "ADV-I", and the "ADV-S". Would these
not be "adverb comparative", "adverb interrogative", and "adverb

There may be more cases like this since the key at http://www.byztxt.com
is not complete.


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