[sword-devel] Questions about usfm2osis.pl

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Oct 28 17:25:01 MST 2009

johnduffy at cgcf.net wrote:
> Chris,
> Sorry - I meant poetry not quotation marks.  I've been using Unicode
> quotations in UTF-8 instead of <<, < etc.  I read somewhere that the Unicode
> quotations in UTF-8 would not require osis markup, which would avoid the
> problem nested quotes or quotes going across chapter or section divisions.
> The original text does not make good use of quotation marks too which
> requires this approach, as it often inserts an additional opening quotation
> mark at each new paragraph within a quoted section, while only having one
> closing quotation mark and the very end.  I trust that using Unicode
> characters will therefore avoid problems in osis and module creation.
> John Duffy

You should be fine with that.

usfm2osis.pl will mark <<, <, etc. with <q>, but will leave any marks 
encoded with actual quotation marks alone. Continuation quotation marks 
like you describe shouldn't be a problem for usfm2osis.pl. It looks for 
them and should mark them correctly.

It would be fairly trivial to make usfm2osis.pl also look for and mark 
quotation marks (provided there are unique marks for right and left 
quotes and provided that apostrophe is encoded differently from right 
and left single quotes), but I haven't seen anyone clamoring for this 


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