[sword-devel] Selah

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Oct 19 19:35:00 MST 2009

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> I am encoding at the moment a Belarussian Bible translation for which
> David Haslam acquired permissions.
> I am getting stuck on the encoding of Selah.
> Marking it correctly up (and as per given text) results in validation
> errors as the element <l type="Selah> expects to be within a larger
> poetic <lg> group.
> The text is not in any form poetically marked up so, inventing these
> groups I do not really want. Short of abandoning selah markup what can I do?
> Thanks for all suggestions.

Embedding an <l> within an <lg> is really your only option. It's 
perfectly permissible to encode a single line in a line group and have 
that be the only markup that uses either of these elements. If the 
printed edition (or SFM) only marks selah and doesn't mark any other 
poetic lines, then I would consider it faithful to the text to mark 
these with <lg><l type="selah">Selah</l></lg>.

I believe <lg> simply results in rendering equivalent to a <p> and <l> 
results in rendering equivalent to <br/>.

The only other option is to do something like <seg 
type="x-selah">Selah</seg>, which will capture the special markup, but 
probably won't ever be used or recognized by anyone.


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