[sword-devel] Thai in Xiphos and BibleDesktop

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Fri Oct 16 03:50:58 MST 2009

Good day,

After trying my Thai OSIS test module in BibleCS, I tried the module and 
some other Thai ones in Xiphos (ubuntu version) and BibleDesktop 
(windows xp). The OSIS data seems to display better but it is hard to 
tell. Both of these programs do not do Thai word breaks automatically 
(finding the word breaks where no spaces exist). They only break by the 
'phrase' spaces and so there are many line breaks and it gets hard to 
read. (Would they work if zero-width spaces were inserted. I didn't have 
time to test this.) This is too bad because I like the clean simple 

And one additional note on BibleDesktop, I can change the default font 
for a Thai text but I could not change the size. Perhaps, this is 
because the program is out of date (but I don't remember the installed 
version). This is a problem for foreigners with Thai as the characters 
are small.


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