[sword-devel] Problems with text rendering

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Mon Oct 12 09:04:32 MST 2009

Hi Troy,

may I ask for your help with a rendering issue we are experiencing? I believe 
the code once came from you (simplerender.patch).

It is in our OSIS filter descendant, where crossref notes are processed.

               if (type == "crossReference") { //note containing cross 
                    myUserData->inCrossrefNote = true;
                    myUserData->noteType = BT_UserData::CrossReference;

                    buf.append("<span class=\"crossreference\">");
                    sword::SWBuf footnoteNumber = 
                    sword::SWBuf footnoteBody = myUserData-
                    buf += myModule->RenderText(footnoteBody);

Now the problem seems to be the final RenderText() call. It destroys the 
EntryAttributes structure when processing the footnote body.

Can you give me a hint how I can work around that? Is there a better, 
preferred method?

Thanks and regards, Martin


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