[sword-devel] Another query on OSIS format - can a section heading be used within a verse?

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Wed Oct 7 13:42:28 MST 2009

There should be no problem.

In Him,

On Oct 7, 2009, at 4:37 PM, <johnduffy at cgcf.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I hesitate to say one last query before having an OSIS file to  
> validate. But
> I hope it is.  (Another recent one is still out there regarding  
> suitability
> of \dc ...\dc*)
> In some of the sections of ABN (Irish Bible), headings appear in the  
> middle
> of verses.  These can be minor \s3 or major \ms markers.  The OSIS  
> output
> from Bibledit looks as below.  It displays well in Bibledit.  Is  
> this valid
> use of sections in OSIS?  If not, I'll just have to do a workaround  
> and put
> the \ms to the start of the verse.  And possibly put the couple of \s3
> markers affected in capitals within the verse instead of as a  
> heading before
> the verse.
> I appreciate all the input to help as I'm on a steep learning curve  
> on this.
> Thanks.
> John Duffy
> \q1
> \v 4 Agraím oraibh\q1 a mhná Iarúsailéim\q1 gan mo rún a  
> chorraí ná a
> mhúscailt\q1 go dtograí sí féin.
> \s3 Mná Iarúsailéim
> \q1
> \v 5 Cé hí seo aníos ón bhfásach \q1 ar ghualainn a grá? \s3  
> Eisean\q1 Faoin
> gcrann úll a mhúscail mé thú;\q1 is ann a rug do mháthair thú, 
> \q1 is ann a
> bhí do bhuime in íona.
>     <verse sID="Song.8.4" osisID="Song.8.4"/>
> Agraím oraibh</p>
>    <p>a mhná Iarúsailéim</p>
>    <p>gan mo rún a chorraí ná a mhúscailt</p>
>    <p>go dtograí sí féin. </p>
>   </div>
>   <div type="subSection" canonical="true">
>    <title level="3">Mná Iarúsailéim</title>
>    <p>
>     <verse eID="Song.8.4"/>
>     <verse sID="Song.8.5" osisID="Song.8.5"/>
> Cé hí seo aníos ón bhfásach </p>
>    <p>ar ghualainn a grá? </p>
>   </div>
>   <div type="subSection" canonical="true">
>    <title level="3">Eisean</title>
>    <p>Faoin gcrann úll a mhúscail mé thú;</p>
>    <p>is ann a rug do mháthair thú,</p>
>    <p>is ann a bhí do bhuime in íona. </p>
>    <p>
>     <verse eID="Song.8.5"/>
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