[sword-devel] Another query on OSIS format - can a section heading be used within a verse?

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Wed Oct 7 13:37:51 MST 2009


I hesitate to say one last query before having an OSIS file to validate. But
I hope it is.  (Another recent one is still out there regarding suitability
of \dc ...\dc*)

In some of the sections of ABN (Irish Bible), headings appear in the middle
of verses.  These can be minor \s3 or major \ms markers.  The OSIS output
from Bibledit looks as below.  It displays well in Bibledit.  Is this valid
use of sections in OSIS?  If not, I'll just have to do a workaround and put
the \ms to the start of the verse.  And possibly put the couple of \s3
markers affected in capitals within the verse instead of as a heading before
the verse.

I appreciate all the input to help as I'm on a steep learning curve on this.
John Duffy

\v 4 Agraím oraibh\q1 a mhná Iarúsailéim\q1 gan mo rún a chorraí ná a
mhúscailt\q1 go dtograí sí féin.
\s3 Mná Iarúsailéim
\v 5 Cé hí seo aníos ón bhfásach \q1 ar ghualainn a grá? \s3 Eisean\q1 Faoin
gcrann úll a mhúscail mé thú;\q1 is ann a rug do mháthair thú,\q1 is ann a
bhí do bhuime in íona.

     <verse sID="Song.8.4" osisID="Song.8.4"/>
 Agraím oraibh</p>
    <p>a mhná Iarúsailéim</p>
    <p>gan mo rún a chorraí ná a mhúscailt</p>
    <p>go dtograí sí féin. </p>
   <div type="subSection" canonical="true">
    <title level="3">Mná Iarúsailéim</title>
     <verse eID="Song.8.4"/>
     <verse sID="Song.8.5" osisID="Song.8.5"/>
 Cé hí seo aníos ón bhfásach </p>
    <p>ar ghualainn a grá? </p>
   <div type="subSection" canonical="true">
    <title level="3">Eisean</title>
    <p>Faoin gcrann úll a mhúscail mé thú;</p>
    <p>is ann a rug do mháthair thú,</p>
    <p>is ann a bhí do bhuime in íona. </p>
     <verse eID="Song.8.5"/>

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